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The Salford Way - Online training

Free online training

FutureLearn partners with top international universities and industry experts to offer free online courses.

The courses below are free to access, however to gain a certificate of achievement there is a cost, either per course or as an annual subscription.

Childhood Adversity: The Impact of Childhood Maltreatment on Mental Health

Explore the connection between childhood adversity and mental health, and enhance your knowledge of mental health in young people. 

On this course, you’ll improve your understanding of how early adverse experiences can impact a young person’s mental health. You’ll learn from world leaders in child development and hear from educators in disciplines like neuroscience and educational psychology. Using evidence-based research, you’ll examine the different ways childhood trauma can influence an individual’s psychological state, educational outcomes and social difficulties.

Duration: 3 hours a week for 3 weeks

To access: Childhood Abuse and Mental Health - Online Course

Action on ACEs Gloucestershire

This course is suitable for everyone working in health, mental health, education, police, local government, or with children and young people including parents and carers. 

The course takes 15 mins without the videos and 45 with the videos.

This course has been developed by Action on ACEs Gloucestershire, created by Kava Communications and funded by Gloucestershire County Council Early Years Service.

To access: ACEs eLearning

Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences - Early Trauma Online Learning

This free online course has been funded by the Home Office Early Intervention fund and covers the following:

  • An Introduction to ACEs
  • Brain Development in the Early Years
  • The Impact of Childhood Adversity
  • Social, Health and Community Impacts of ACEs Early Trauma
  • Protective Factors
  • Looking at ACEs Through a Trauma Informed Lens
  • Building Resilience

Duration: approx. 50 minutes

The training is aimed at practitioners, professionals and volunteers who work with children, young people and their families.

Please use the following link to access: ACEs online learning

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