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Notifying the Bridge

The Bridge should be notified of all children and young people starting the SEND 0-25 pathway in South Locality to ensure we:

  • have a complete picture of the needs of the child or young person
  • are able to clearly track outcomes
  • create a formal record to meet our statutory obligations if this ultimately progresses to an Education, Health & Care assessment.

The Bridge is increasingly a 'front door' for all services, so contacting the Bridge doesn't imply social care involvement (unless that would benefit the child).

Q. Who will notify the Bridge?

A. The professional actively working with the child or young person will notify the Bridge.

How to notify the Bridge

Notify the Bridge via the children's portal.

What's the process

  1. Worker uses the children's portal  to notify the Bridge
  2. Bridge creates a record for monitoring, analysis and future reference
    1. (CAF team notified - request to complete Family Assessment, unless straight to CAFA due to safeguarding need)
    2. (Bridge CRM record of involvement)
    3. (Locality Manager, EMS record of involvement)
  3. Allocation meeting - Pathfinder Operational Manager to confirm the most relevant professional as the Engagement Lead (In the event that a safeguarding need is identified the Engagement Lead will usually be the social worker)

How to contact us

If you have any questions about the Partners in Salford please let us know

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