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Early Help

Family Assessments have been replaced by Early Help Assessments.

Delivering Early Help

Information for educators, health workers, community organisations and emergency services:

  • The city council's Early Help teams completed their restructure in June 2018, building on learning from the 0-25 West pilot.

  • Children's Centres, Integrated Youth Support and 'EIP' have merged into one joined-up service.

  • There are now four locality teams, operating from family hubs across the city. Each team has a Locality Manager leading teams of Early Help Practitioners, seniors, managers, and one School Co-ordinator per locality. There is also an Early Help Assessment team, providing three coordinators to support you with assessments.

  • The service is currently refining its offer. There will be a clear offer including early years, education, parenting, housing, ASB, domestic abuse, sex & relationships, and financial health & stability. Everything we do builds on families' strengths.

  • Everyone has their part to play in helping children and young people achieve their potential. The city leaders on the 0-25 Advisory Board will negotiate how different organisations work together, and will keep you updated as things develop.

See the early help for families pages for more information.

Organisations in Salford who provide help in one form or another want to:

  • Support children, young people, families and communities to help themselves whenever possible.
  • Make sure all services can quickly spot children, young people or families who might need extra help from them.
  • Make sure all services act quickly as soon as they know help is needed.

In many ways we are already doing these things. We have written a strategy to make sure we keep doing them, get everyone involved, and do even better.

If you want to tell us about a child or family who might need help now please go to the worried about a child page.

See also Salford's 'Thresholds of Need' policy and Neglect Strategy.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about the Partners in Salford please let us know

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