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SEND 0-25 stories

We are testing a new way of agreeing support for children with additional needs. These stories have been created to represent the typical experiences of families.

Mark is 3 years old and enjoying nursery. However, he had struggled with expressive speech in the past and would soon be starting primary school
  • Mark’s Area SENCO for Early Years and his Nursery Nurse from Health Visiting arranged a Multi-Agency Meeting.  They included Mark’s parents, a nursery worker, and Mark’s paediatrician.  They wanted to check that Mark was still getting the right support at nursery, and ensure a smooth transition to primary school.
  • At the meeting, Mark’s parents and nursery both observed Mark’s speech had improved since using a communication board at home.  Mark has had fewer tantrums, his sleep has improved, and he is more flexible about changes to his routines.
  • The meeting agreed some further actions agreed to help understand the causes of Mark’s communication difficulties, and to help him prepare for Reception.  This will include consistent visual support for Mark at both nursery and primary school.  Mark’s progress will be monitored through further Multi-Agency Meetings as he gets on with his early education.
  • Mum and Dad got involved in the discussion and said they appreciated things being coordinated in advance.
Jay is 9 years old and good at sports.  However, he was having difficulty managing his emotions at school
  • Jay’s mainstream primary school arranged a Multi-Agency Meeting because he was spending more and more time in isolation. Mum attended along with the school Head, Deputy Head, SENCO, Teaching Assistant, and a Children with Disabilities social worker.  They wanted explore how to help Jay contain his emotions so he can thrive at school.
  • The SENCO took the role of Engagement Lead. She reassured Mum that the meeting was about opportunities for Jay and there were no safeguarding concerns.
  • At the meeting, Mum described her experience of living with Jay. School talked about the interventions and referrals they had tried.  The people round the table agreed to assess for ADHD and ASD with a view to agreeing the best way for Jay and Mum to get some support.
Sara is 13 and likes shopping, however she was facing some ups and downs as she started her teenage years
  • Mum attended a Multi-Agency Meeting arranged by Sara’s social worker with the school Head and class teacher. Sara also attended part of the meeting.  The social worker had spoken with Sara’s Learning Disability nurse in advance.
  • Mum was able to talk about her own needs. She wants to go out on her own once in a while, as well as wanting the best for Sara who she is giving a lot of care and support.  Sara said she would like to go out shopping.  School talked about Sara’s preferred ways of communicating.
  • They group identified someone else who Sara got on with who could be given a Direct Payment to help her get out and about. They also looked ahead to support groups and respite care that she will be able to use as she grows towards adulthood.  Mum fed back that she was happy with these outcomes and felt included.  She was glad that Sara was involved.

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