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Contact, the charity for families with disabled children, have created a series of webinars covering a range of topics for info, we have selected the following for information you can also access the whole online library.

1. Sensory Ideas for Home Webinar (Duration: 65 mins)

Children and young people with sensory processing issues often need space, movement (sometimes in the extreme) and an opportunity to use or block out senses in different environments. At times when we are restricted to home more than is ideal for sensory needs, this webinar will explain what happens in crisis; ideas to calm and opportunities to sue sensory information in ordinary homes to achieve wellbeing.

2. Returning to School Webinar (Duration: 62 mins)

Support and strategies for managing behaviour and worry, this Webinar focuses on returning to school, talking through support strategies such as visual structure and accessible information, managing rising emotions and adjusting expectations as we all tackle going back to school after this long break or after significant changes to school timetables.

3. Sleep Webinar (Duration: 61 mins)

Sleep - It is common for all young children to have sleep issues, but more common for disabled children and those with additional needs. This webinar explores some of the issues around sleep and looks at ways of supporting your child. You will gain a better understanding of sleep processes, why sleep problems may occur and examining possible causes, what might help and where to get support.

4. Wellbeing Webinar (Duration: 52 mins)

Now, at a time when people are having to stay home and social distance, improving your Wellbeing is more important than ever and this session looks at positive way of coping and recognises stress as a huge factor for families.

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