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Thrive in Education

Salford Thrive in Education is a 3-year programme which started in August 2020 and was developed in response to the Mental Health and Schools Green Paper, with GM part of National Trailblazer site investment for mental health in schools.

The programme will provide support for children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing in school and education settings.

A co-ordinated response with multi agency joint working offered directly into schools.

Thrive in Education will provide:

  1. Training, advice, consultation to staff in school
  2. Additional support to primaries as well as secondary schools, linking with transition and PIT support.
  3. Work with children and young people attending Salford Schools
  4. Work in partnership with existing schools offers i.e. school pastoral support, counsellors
  5. Provide interventions will be at ‘Getting Advice’ & ‘Getting Help’ of the i-Thrive model

The key partners are: 

With an extended offer including: 

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How to contact us

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