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Trauma Awareness Webinar

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This online webinar describes the basic knowledge and skills needed by everyone working or supporting people who live or work in Salford.


This webinar teaches what adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and trauma are, how difficult childhood experiences may affect people’s lives and what they are able to achieve. It explains how to best respond and support people who continue to be affected by their traumatic experiences.


  • I can understand the impact of childhood trauma or adverse childhood experiences have on a person’s outcomes across their life
  • I understand overarching principles working well with people who may have experienced trauma and difficulties which may continue to affect them negatively
  • I can identify opportunities to build resilience and work with well children and adults

Who is this for

This training is valuable for all workers and volunteers who support people living or working in Salford.


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There will be information about mental health courses you can attend or that can be used in your own organisation to further support your professional development.

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