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Parental Mental Health

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This free, three-hour, online course will explore parents’ mental health and how it can affect children in the family.


The course looks at common mental health problems and their most common symptoms. It explores what young carers are and the challenges they face as well as discussing common issues for parents experiencing mental health difficulties.


  • I can identify and start to understand the main symptoms of mental illnesses and the impact this may have on someone in their daily life
  • I can understand why someone’s symptoms may be seen as not wanting to accept support, or may make receiving help from services very difficult
  • I can encourage people to challenge the language we use when talking about mental health
  • I can recognise some of the things that can cause stress and the difficulties faced by young carers
  • I can better understand people who may be young carers

Who is this for

People who are not mental health professionals, but work with children and young people


For further information and booking details please visit the Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership website.

How to contact us

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