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Exam stress

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Feeling stressed from exams is normal and can affect anyone, whether your at school, college or university. 

Exam stress can be managed by:

  • making a revision timetable
  • taking regular breaks and getting enough sleep
  • keeping hydrated and eating healthy foods
  • asking for help if needed

Young people who experience stress may:

  • worry a lot
  • feel tense
  • get lots of headaches and stomach pains
  • not sleep well
  • be irritable
  • lose interest in food or eat more than normal
  • not enjoy activities they previously enjoyed
  • seem negative and low in their mood
  • seem hopeless about the future

Having someone to talk to can help. Speak to friends, family and teachers/tutors if you need support.

Although your exams are important, so is your mental health.

If stress is not managed, it can lead to more serious conditions such as anxiety, panic attacks, sleep problems, self-harm and suicidal feelings.

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