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Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership

Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership

Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership Arrangements

Arrangements for safeguarding children in England are changing and the Salford Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) will be replaced by the Salford Safeguarding Children Partnership. Salford was selected last year as one of 17 'early adopters' and will be one of the first areas to publish how partners will work together to safeguard children.

These new arrangements, which will be implemented from April this year, outline how more emphasis will be placed on considering outcomes for children and young people, and the impact of work that organisations in Salford do to keep children safe, well and achieving their aspirations. The partnership will have more time for reflective discussion, scrutiny of work with children and families and sharing learning so that we can improve.

The process to report concerns about a child remains the same, and the operational activity within organisations does not change. The public and practitioners will be reminded it's everyone's responsibility to keep children safe, and any concerns should be reported to The Bridge Partnership on 0161 603 4500 or via email

For more information please download the document below.

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