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The importance of inter-agency co-operation, including information sharing and communication, has been highlighted in all reports concerning child deaths or serious injuries, not least by the Victoria Climbiè inquiry.

Multi-agency training is one way to ensure that a culture of inter-agency cooperation is developed and supported. Research from Carpenter et al (2009) has shown that multi-agency training in particular is useful and valued by professionals in developing a shared understanding of child protection and decision making.

Strategic Training Sub-group

One of the functions for the Salford Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) is to develop a policy and procedure in relation to training of persons who work with children or in services affecting the safety and welfare of children. (Working Together to Safeguard Children: 2015)

The vision of the SSCB's Strategic Training Sub-Group is to provide high quality, inter-agency, safeguarding children training to the Salford workforce. This will ensure that practitioners and volunteers are confident in their roles and skilled in working with children and families.

The SSCB Learning and Development Strategy  outlines the LSCB's strategic vision and priorities around training in Salford to meet workforce development needs, standards for training and national requirements.

More information about the strategic training group can be found in the Terms of Reference.


Training programme

The SSCB Training Programme 2017-18 is delivered by members of the SSCB training pool. Pool members are practitioners who work in Salford and are released by their agency to deliver training. They are from a wide range of partner agencies which helps to ensure that training meets the needs of a multi-agency audience.

For most workers, it is essential that the two day foundation course is attended before other courses are considered. This is to ensure that all participants have a basic knowledge of the child protection system in order to benefit from the more specialist courses. Please look at the course prerequisites for each course.

If a course is over subscribed, when the closing date for nominations arrives places are offered both to ensure a multi-agency mix and by priority as listed below. Highest priority first.

1. Permanent employees from local authority and partner agencies who come into contact with Salford children, including volunteers and private sectors within the local authority.
2. Agency workers from local authority and partner agencies.
3. Students employed as students, ie permanent staff.
4. Any other student, ie on placement/attachment but not employed by the local authority or partner agencies.

Course members are expected to attend for the whole of the course. Multi-agency training is not only about what the worker can learn but how he / she can contribute his / her knowledge, skills and expertise to the courses. It is therefore a loss to everyone if people are not available for the full course. Please read the Training Charter before making a course booking.

Line Managers and Service Managers will be informed if participants fail to attend, do not complete a course or cancel.

What happens on the courses?

Courses are interactive and may include, presentations, group work, case studies, directed role play, group sculpts, drama, quizzes and games.

Each course is evaluated by participants on the day. Some are evaluated for longer term results by the use of action plans which the participants write and then assess three months later.

Course members are expected to attend for the whole of the course and managers will be informed if participants fail to attend or do not complete courses.

Applying to do a course

All SSCB courses and seminars are FREE of charge. However The Safeguarding Board is now charging agencies for staff who fail to attend if we are not informed at least 5 working days before the course. This includes participants who arrive late and are not admitted by the trainers as they have missed a section of the course or participants who on the day inform the trainers they need to leave early. The following charges would apply:

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