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About the Salford Safeguarding Children Board

SSCB is a multi-agency forum that holds shared responsibility in promoting and safeguarding the children of Salford. Keeping children safe from abuse or neglect, ensuring they grow up in an environment of safe and effective care, enabling them to have optimum life chances is everyone's business.

SSCB has a statutory responsibility to ensure this principle is embedded in the work of each key agency. SSCB members are senior representatives of key statutory agencies and others in Governance roles who have sufficient understanding and knowledge of safeguarding and welfare concerns to commit to agreed actions of their staff groups. SSCB allows for clear lines of accountability.

There are specific areas of focus:

The SSCB is part of a network of Boards that have a shared interest in the health, safety and wellbeing of children and young people in Salford. The SSCB is represented on all network Boards, receives and provides reports to meetings as appropriate. 

The SSCB organisational structure showing lines of reporting and accountability and the SSCB structure and sub-groups 2015-18 is available for download. 

Members of the board

Salford Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) is made up of members whose role and seniority enable them to commit their organisation/agency to the development and maintenance of effective inter-agency working to safeguard children and young people in Salford. Details of the agencies that make up the board are listed in the document below.

List of board members

Agency Name Job title
Independent Simon Westwood Independent Chair, Salford Safeguarding Children Board
Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) Mick Lay Chair of the Bolton, Wigan and Salford CDOP
Salford City Council Emma Ford Head of Safeguarding Unit
Salford City Council Deborah Blackburn Public Health Strategy, Business and Performance  Manager
NHS England Laura Browse Head of Primary Care
Greater Manchester Mental Health Cathryn Buckley Head of Adult and Child Safeguarding
Salford Royal Foundation Trust Kalpesh Dixit Designated Doctor
Greater Manchester Police Howard Millington District Superintendent
NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group Andrea Patel Designated Nurse
NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group Anthony Hassall Chief Accountable Officer 
Salford City Council David Herne Director of Public Health
Salford City Council Sharon Hubber Assistant Director of Specialist Services
Salford City Council Jenifer McGovern Assistant Director - Joint Commissioning
Children and Family Court Advisory Support Services (CAFCASS) Sarah Nathan-Lingard Team Manager
Salford CVS Louise Murray Deputy Chief Officer
Salford City Council Charlotte Ramsden Strategic Director of Children's and Adult's Services
National Probation Service Manjit Seale Assistant Chief Executive
Community Rehabilitation Company Nicola Pugh Community Director
NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group Francine Thorpe Head of Quality (Vice Chair)
Boothstown Methodist Primary School Karen Armitage Head Teacher
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Clare Kelly Assistant Director of Nursing

Sub group chairs (attend when required)

Agency Name Job title
Salford City Council Tim Rumley Senior Youth Service Manager
Salford City Council Polly Rogers Salford Health Works Community Link Worker - Employment

Participant observer to SSCB

Agency Name Job title
Salford City Council Lisa Stone Lead Member, Children & Young People's Services

Lay Members

 Agency  Name Job Title
 Binoh of Manchester  Rabbi Simon Grant Director of Community Services

Business support to SSCB

Agency  Name  Job title
Salford Safeguarding Children Board Tiffany Slack SSCB Business Manager
Salford Safeguarding Children Board Vivienne Bentley SSCB Business Support

Other agencies or groups invited onto the SSCB as co-opted members and advisors



 Job Title

Salford City College Emma Armitage Learning Support and Safeguarding Manager
Salford City Council Lorraine Ashton Principal Solicitor
Salford Royal Foundation Trust Elaine Burfitt Named Doctor, Community Child Protection

Salford City Partnership

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