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Salford Anti Poverty Taskforce

Salford Anti-poverty Taskforce is a ground breaking research and knowledge exchange partnership between Salford City Council and the University of Salford. The taskforce was formed in early 2017, to support No One Left Behind, Salford’s ambitious tackling poverty strategy, by carrying out in-depth high quality research into the lived experiences of people in poverty.

By building a comprehensive understanding of the impact of poverty in Salford, the research output of the taskforce informs policy making in public services throughout the city. The projects and activities are co-created by the University, Salford City Council and wider partners.

Chaired by Salford City Mayor, Paul Dennett, the taskforce represents a beacon of engagement at a Greater Manchester and national level, demonstrating what can be achieved when partners coalesce in response to key societal issues. Since 2017, a range of projects and activities have been taken forward under the taskforce, including:

  • Precarious Lives: Exploring lived experiences of the private rented sector in Salford
  • Hidden young people in Salford
  • Exploring Fair Rents
  • The 'Place to Call Home' Commission

Over the next few years the taskforce will continue to deliver a programme of projects that support evidence based policy making across Salford. The lead academic for the taskforce is Professor Lisa Scullion, Professor of Social Policy at the University of Salford.



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