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Mental Health Needs Assessment 2021

In the last year, work was undertaken to refresh the All-Age Mental Health Needs Assessment developed in 2018. It was a good example of collaborative working across the children’s and adult’s mental health and wellbeing system. The aim of this needs assessment is to understand the determinants of health in Salford and consider social and contextual factors that affect mental health, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, employment, crime, safety and housing.

 The mental health of each individual is influenced by their social setting, such as having the ability to earn enough money and feeling part of a community. This report considers these determinants which lead to unfair and avoidable differences in health within and between populations.

The report has now been published on the Salford website JSNA page here:

Mental Health Needs Assessment 

A summary of the key findings was presented to the Thrive Partnership in September 2021. Please follow the link to the summary report here.  Below is slide 49 which provides an overview of the key findings.

Mental Health Needs Assessment Page 49 Summary

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