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Salford City Council wants to become a Learning City

Alongside the University of Salford, Salford City College, The Lowry, Salford CVS and community groups the council is developing a model for learning.

Moving away from exams, tests, and qualifications, Salford's Learning City approach will support those who feel excluded from formal education and or want to continue learning in informal ways.

Using our community's knowledge and expertise, we will turn Salford into a dynamic, interactive academy of ideas with 'no strings attached' educational and developmental opportunities. It is all about the joy of learning.

Learning is about curiosity, openness, raising confidence, challenging prejudices and developing self-discipline. Learning is a route to unlocking the secrets of the world we all live in. It is how we come to understand the organisations were interact with, make social connections and become involved in civic life. Learning is something which is good for all of us, regardless of jobs or qualifications.

Salford is committed to embracing and encouraging access to the many types of learning and our Learning City will:  

  • Value all types of knowledge, and every kind of skills from practical, to artistic intellectual and academic
  • Emphasise the importance of heritage, community, Salford pride, cultural experiences, local and family. knowledge, hidden gems, quirky facts, chatter and gossip that make our city so unique.
  • Value knowledge from outside our 'comfort zone' and encourage residents, by breaking down barriers, to get involved in politics, philosophy, current affairs, science, technology, and become critical thinkers with judgement about complex issues of public concern.
  • Encourage people to imagine life itself as a learning journey with no end, by influencing people to indulge their interests, to make full use of their creativity and push themselves to achieve personal goals.
  • Take learning out of the classroom and into the streets, community centres and people's homes, to develop a vibrant, progressive, learning city for all who live, work and study here.
  • Open up the field of knowledge and skills required for the changing economies - local and national - of the 21st century.


For further information on the Learning City work please contact Clare Hopton, Business Manager at or by telephone on 0161 925 1298.

This page was last updated on 4 December 2018

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