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Working Neighbourhood Teams

Working Neighbourhood Teams are delivering results

Working Neighbourhood Teams are critical to the work of all public services in Salford. They are a 'whole system' approach to tackling worklessness, poverty and the interlinked issues in areas suffering from high levels of deprivation. The first teams were set up in April 2009 and since then there have been many breakthrough moments that show how the approach is bringing real solutions for residents in some of the most deprived areas of Salford.

Partners IN Salford firmly endorsed Greater Manchester's Multi Area Agreement commitment to develop Working Neighbourhood Teams and there is strong agreement that this is the right approach to tackling deep-seated worklessness in the city's most deprived neighbourhoods.

An integrated, targeted response

To tackle the deep rooted issues that are present in deprived areas of Salford it is vital that agencies work together to provide an integrated package to residents.

Many different agencies offer services and support to people who are out of work and their families. Some, like Jobcentre Plus and Salford's Skills and Work Service, are primarily focused on helping people find work. There are a wide range of others that offer key areas of support that unemployed individuals and their families might need. These include health professionals, community and youth workers, community sector organisations, housing providers, and children's centres to name a few.  

Working Neighbourhood Teams work with the core skills and work services alongside other agencies to improve people's chances of finding work and staying in a job. Barriers they face are dealt with in an integrated way, with a clear aim of improving employability and supporting people into sustainable employment. Working Neighbourhood Teams are a whole system response to tackling the problem.

Our strategy: respond, reach out, join-up, scale-up

By working together we can achieve more

By working together we can add value to our many projects and commissioning.

Mike Thorpe - Broughton Trust
(Broughton and Blackfriars Working Neighbourhood Team)
"I'm fully bought into this, there's real eureka moments when the team meets and connections start being made. Different services are all working together as one team. One service might say, we can't do that, but that's fine, another can. We're stopping people falling through the gaps between services and provisions and really making a difference."

Belinda Roach - Skills and Work Service
(Working across all Working Neighbourhood teams)
"Not every door has a Skills and Work referral behind it and we might be doing work to generate referrals for other agencies but at the end of the day we get referrals from lots of other agencies too. We are now working in areas that we would never have been able to get a foothold in before."

Clare Bradley - Salford NHS - Working Neighbourhood Team outreach and engagement
(Broughton and Blackfriars Working Neighbourhood Team)
"It's gathering momentum. People are really starting to believe that we can help them and actively seek us out. People come into the centre or stop me in the street and say things like 'I want to change my life,' 'Can you help me get a job?' or 'Can you get me on a course please?'"

Does your organisation provide a service for residents in the target areas? Contact us to discuss how we can work together. You might wish to join as a regular member of the team or attend a meeting to collaborate on specific projects.

Our outreach and engagement teams have increased the uptake of a range of support services available to residents through their proactive schedule of door knocking. The team increase residents' access to services by talking to them about the support that is available and relevant to them, handing out flyers and information.

We know that people who are not in work are most effectively supported if the services they need are offered as an integrated package in a way that makes sense to the user - rather than the organisations that provide them. We have found that the positive outcomes gained through outreach and engagement have been amplified by the ability to talk to residents about a wider offering and find solutions that work for them.

This page was last updated on 19 October 2017

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