Salford City Partnership


Who we are

Salford City Partnership brings together people from the public, private, voluntary, community and faith sectors. We work closely together to ensure that all of Salford's citizens have an equal chance to thrive.

During 2013 we reviewed how we operate and on the 3 October 2013 the City Mayor announced the new arrangements and partnership protocol.

Partnership vision

"Salford City Partnership will take the lead in positioning Salford as a world class city.

We will achieve this by prioritising the wellbeing of citizens and the creation of resilient communities; promoting sustainable growth and employment in the city, recognising the importance of education in achieving this; and placing social value at the heart of everything we do."

Our purpose and aims

The overarching purpose of the partnership:
• Salford City Partnership will lead the development and coordination of joint strategies and activities in order to position Salford as a world class city.
• The Partnership will ensure the best outcomes for the people of Salford by working together, sharing resources and reducing duplication.
• This will be achieved through steering public services and ensuring the community has voice in strategic decision making.

The aims include:
• Building on the good practice that already exists in Salford
• Focusing on a shared vision and priorities
• Providing a space for partners to come together to discuss the important issues that affect the whole of the city
• Resulting in actions that are measured against agreed outcomes
• Helping to ensure there is better coordination and reduced fragmentation
• Increasing efficiency and service improvement through reduced duplication and therefore costs
• Involving and promote joint delivery and resourcing
• Improving community engagement and involvement
• Providing a platform for better private sector involvement
• Providing clear links with Greater Manchester and beyond
• Supporting the City Mayor in carrying out his duties

Our shared commitment

Salford City Partnership is a voluntary arrangement and membership is by organisation or other body (eg, forum, partnership, etc). The success of the partnership relies on the will and commitment of its members.

The chair is Salford City Mayor, Ian Stewart, our Deputy Chair is Alison Page, Chief Executive of Salford Community and Voluntary Services (Salford CVS)

The partnership provides an opportunity for the various communities within Salford (including private and third sectors) to express their views on strategic decisions. It is recognised that the partnership itself does not have authority to enforce these decisions but acts as a steer to encourage partners to adopt the consensus view.

All members have made a shared commitment to support the City Plan and our Partnership priorities for 2014 - 2016.

In summary, our principles are:

• Shared Interest
• Shared Responsibility
• Shared Intelligence
• Partnership Integration
• Joint Action
• Joint Doing

The components of our partnership

Our partnership has two main elements:
• Partnership Forum
• City Partner Group

Linked to these are:
• Family of Partnerships and Safeguarding Boards
• Local Community and the Third Sector

Downloadable documents

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