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Salford Strategic Housing Partnership

Salford Strategic Housing Partnership is a dynamic forum of key public and private organisations concerned with housing in Salford. They have come together to:

"Help create a future where people see Salford as a great place to live - a place where you can find a choice of popular homes in desirable locations, served by excellent housing services."

Salford Strategic Housing Partnership enables key stakeholders to contribute and lead on the delivery of the new housing strategy 'Shaping housing in Salford 2020' (currently in development). The partnership is made up of public and private agencies, each with their part to play to improve housing and housing services in Salford and will monitor progress on its delivery considering new and innovative approaches to achieve its objectives. Together they are working to improve the housing aspects which contribute to the City Plan 2013-2016 on behalf of Partners IN Salford.

How the housing partnership is made up

Membership of the partnership is focused to ensure that its contribution remains effective, but also accommodates representatives from the new housing organisations that are being created in the city. The partnership is made up of representatives from the following organisations, interest groups and sectors:

The partnership meets quarterly.

Our work programme and priorities 2012 - 2013

Salford Strategic Housing Partnership is responsible for developing and delivering the 'Shaping housing in Salford 2020' strategy (under development). The partnership is currently producing an updated work plan. Priorities for 2012-13 and a work programme previously focused on:

The role of the partnership lead(s) is to coordinate and support the development of activity across the various partner organisations and linking wider contributions to drive forward the Priority Themes on behalf of the partnership.

They are responsible for reporting back to the main Salford Strategic Housing Partnership meetings on progress.

The key strategic drivers to be adopted in the Housing Strategy 'Shaping housing in Salford 2020' (under development) are:

If you have any questions or comments about Salford Strategic Housing Partnership please email Julie Craik or call her on 0161 793 2143.

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