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Working Towards Revised Safeguarding Children Arrangements

The requirement for councils to have LSCBs will soon be replaced with a requirement on three partners - local authorities, the police and the health service - to make arrangements for working together on child protection in a local area.

Following publication of local arrangements, safeguarding partners will have up to three months to implement the changes. Once the arrangements have been published and implemented, the SSCB for Salford will cease to exist.

We are already preparing our local plans to enable us to reform at the earliest opportunity. Proposed key changes include:

"We welcome more flexible and proportionate local safeguarding arrangements. It is an opportunity to be innovative and build on our already "Good" Board inspection rating." Simon Westwood, SSCB Independent Chair.

The final proposals will be developed for the Safeguarding Executive to agree once the Government publish the new statutory guidance expected by the end of June. For more information please download the proposal paper.

Any comments or queries please email:

Item added 17/05/2018

Domestic Abuse Consultation

In March this year the government launched a public consultation on transforming the response to domestic abuse.

Salford is committed to doing everything we can to end domestic abuse. To achieve this we need to build a society that has zero tolerance and actively empowers victims, communities and professionals to confront and challenge it and the consultation responses will shape the response to domestic abuse at every stage, from prevention through to rehabilitation.

How can you help?

For more information regarding the consultation visit:

Item added: 14/05/2018

New SSCB Case Review 7 Minute Briefings

The SSCB  have introduced 'seven minute briefings'  (7MBs) to allow managers to deliver a short briefing to staff regarding the lessons learnt from multi-agency case reviews.

We have recently published our first 7MB regarding Child MT. Please reflect on the findings, discuss the implications for your service and outline the steps your team will take to improve practice in line with the findings and recommendations.

For more information visit

If you have any feedback please email:  

Item added 11/05/2018

Threshold of Need and Response 2018

The SSCB has refreshed the Threshold of Need and Response Framework. This is an interim update since the last version published November 2016. The document will need a full review following the implementation of Working Together 2018 and the refreshed Early Help Strategy.

This document is the criteria for taking action and providing help across this full continuum to ensure that services are commissioned effectively and that the right help is given to the child at the right time. It should be transparent, accessible and understood by all practitioners and applied consistently.

Key updates include:

Please promote this guidance in your agency and embed into relevant training and policies.

For more information visit

Item added 27/4/2018

It's Not Okay Week of Action- 18th June 2018

The theme is CSE in Sport and is largely aimed at parents and carers - educating and empowering them to take a proactive role in the safety of their children. This will include holiday club provisions, extra-curricular activities, associations and social activities. More information to follow shortly.

Visit for more information.

Item added 25/04/2018

Family Assessment Newsletter Spring 2018

This newsletter is intended to provide an update on the Family Assessment process regarding any significant developments as well as information about supporting tools.

Child Employment National Awareness Campaign - April 2018

Many young people benefit from part time working and although there are restrictions on the hours and type of work, young people and employers most often find it a rewarding arrangement. However it is important that there is awareness about child employment laws so that young people are not vulnerable to exploitation and injury and employers can be sure they have safe arrangements in place. Child employment laws exist to safeguard school age employees (13 to 16 years old).

If you become aware of any young people you work with who have a weekend or evening job, or even if you find they are working during the school day please contact the Child Employment and Entertainment Licensing Officer who will then check to see if they are licensed and if necessary will make enquiries to ensure they are. It is important for young people to have the opportunity to work but we also have to make sure they are not being exploited whilst in work.

For further information about the types of work young people can undertake, the hours they can work and the times of the day they can be employed please visit Child Employment. To make a referral  contact Karina Daniels (Child Employment and Entertainment Licensing Officer) on 0161 778 0394/0161 603 4350, email or visit  Twitter and Facebook

Complex Safeguarding Conference: Exploitation in Salford - 22nd March 2018 

Presentations and relevant information from this event is included on the Complex Safeguarding page


Disrespect NoBody campaign

The Home Office Disrespect NoBody campaign aims to prevent young people aged 12 to 18 years old from becoming perpetrators and victims of abusive relationships. The Disrespect NoBody website includes information for young people about sexting, relationship abuse, consent, rape and porn, as well as information about organisations young people can approach for help. Promotional material for partner organisations is also available for the campaign which runs to the beginning of May 2018.

Anti-knife crime campaign

The Home Office has launched an anti-knife crime advertising campaign including graphics and posters to reduce knife crime among young people and challenge perceptions that carrying a knife is normal. The #knifefree website provides advice, signposts support services and highlights activities to empower young people to change their behaviour.

Items added 25/04/2018

Standing Together-Police and Crime Plan

The Mayor of Greater Manchester published the new Police and Crime plan 20 March 2018 to build a safer and stronger Greater Manchester. It is a plan for police, community safety, criminal justice services and citizens in greater Manchester.

The three-year strategy focuses on three main priorities:

Read more about the launch or download the Police and Crime Plan- 'Standing Together'

For more information Email: or Tel: 0161 778 7000

Item added 19/04/2018

DfE - Together, we can tackle child abuse: CSE Campaign Materials

New materials to help agencies support CSE awareness day on 18 March 2018 have been added. Please visit the campaign site to access, use and share the new materials.

To support the awareness day please download and distribute the social media pack to promote the campaign.

For more information visit

Item added 12/03/2018

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

On the 25 May 2018 the Data Protection Act 1988 will be replaced by a new piece of legislation called EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Are your current processes and policies compliant with the upcoming regulation?

Virtual College have developed free online training and resources

For more information visit

Item added 08/03/2018

Working Together to Safeguard Children: revisions to statutory guidance

The DfE have published a summary of responses they received, along with the government's response outlining the next steps.

For more information visit:

Item added 27/02/2018

Salford Homelessness Reduction Act Briefing

In April 2018 the new Homelessness Reduction Act comes into force, bringing with it a whole scale change in the way that we will deal with homeless (and those threatened with homelessness) households. Please download and disseminate the summary briefing of the key elements of the Act.

Please note the 'Public Duty to Refer' - the definition of Public Service is yet to be provided by Central Government. However, it seems likely that your services/organisations will be included in this duty. It is essential therefore, that all Public Services understand their responsibilities to help to identify and refer those who are threatened with homelessness at an early stage, so that services can engage with those households to try to prevent homelessness.

For more information please contact Jane Anderson (Housing Options Service Manager) email

Item added 27/02/2018

Independent Child Trafficking Advocacy (ICTA)- Free Awareness Raising Workshop 26th March 2018

Challenger have funded Barnardo's to run a series of awareness raising sessions for GM staff to promote ICTA to boost awareness and referral levels. Please download and distribute flyer below.

Independent Child Trafficking Advocates (ICTAs) are professionals who support children who have potentially been trafficked. The ICTAs provision was trialled by Barnardo's in 2014 -2015 and we have now set up the ICTAs Service in three early adopter sites across England and Wales.

The role of and ICTA is outlined in s.48 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015; under the Modern Slavery Act all children within Greater Manchester who are aged under 18 and identified as potentially trafficked; must be referred into Barnardo's ICTAs Service; this would include:

For more information visit:

Email: Tel: 0161 707 0222

Item added: 22/02/2018

DfE Phase 3- 'Together, we can tackle child abuse': campaign toolkit launched

Children have designed a range of new and emotionally engaging creative content. Free to use for all, the content has been tried and tested with parent groups and experts in the sector.

This new range of digital content includes animations, animated gifs and infographics, which will:

You will also find core campaign content on the partner site including; logo, campaign key messages, campaign overview copy, and suggested social media posts.

Access the materials, and guidance on how to use them, now at:

Your support is very important. We would like to encourage every local agency to have a look at the toolkit content and consider how you can support the campaign to ensure maximise reach of the campaign during this period. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as more assets and content will be added to the campaign site.

For further information email: or tel: 0207 089 6100.

Item added: 22/02/2018

International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM- 6th February 2018

In support of the 2018 International Day of Zero Tolerance our local FGM Task and Finish Group has developed a FGM 7 Minute Briefing for practitioners. The aim of the briefing is to raise awareness of the on going need to protect girls and women from this harmful and illegal practice. Please disseminate to all relevant practitioners.

The Greater Manchester FGM Forum leads regional efforts to combat FGM. Greater Manchester faith and community leaders pledged zero tolerance of FGM. For more information

Item added: 12/02/2018

Safer Internet Day 6th February 2018- Social Media Toolkit

The National Police Chief's Council are partnering with NCA-CEOP command and the UK Safer Internet Centre to share advice and information via local police services across the UK about staying safe online.

To support the safe and responsible use of technology please download and distribute the social media pack to promote the campaign.

More information about Safer Internet Day 2018 can be found on UK Safer Internet Centre website

#SID2018 #ItsNotOkay

Item added: 06/02/2018

Multi-agency Criminal Investigation Briefing

In response to Child R Serious Case review, Recommendation 13 SSCB with support from the Police has developed a multi-agency criminal investigation briefing for staff on their engagement with parents during criminal investigations.  

Practitioners who are informed by parents that they are under criminal investigation should:  

Do offer support.

Don't initiate conversation regarding the incident for which they have been arrested.

Do document and contact the Lead Professional and or the Investigating Officer for further advice.

Should the parent initiate a conversation. Do document as soon as is practicable what was said, where, at what time and when.

Do be aware that the above will be relevant to any subsequent proceedings under the Disclosure Act.

For more information regarding Child R SCR visit: 

Item added: 01/02/2018

Exploitation in Salford Event- 22nd March 2018

This event will focus on complex safeguarding issues and how we protect and prevent the exploitation of children, young people and adults in Salford.   Please download and circulate the flyer to practitioners, managers and safeguarding leads within your agencies to save the date in diaries to attend.   Further information and booking details will follow soon.

Item added: 31/01/2018

Criminal Exploitation Toolkit

The Children's Society as part of the National CSE/A Prevention Programme for England and Wales has developed a toolkit which focuses on working with children and young people trafficked for the purpose of criminal exploitation in relation to 'county lines'.

Item added: 31/01/2018

It's Not Okay Week of Action- 2 July 2018

The GM Phoenix Steering Group has postponed the campaign until 2nd July 2018. The week of action will focus on giving parents guidance on simple steps they can take to protect their children regarding against CSE e.g. online safety and checking safeguarding procedures at extra-curricular activities. A communication toolkit will be circulated to partners in advance.

There are still plans to provide a simple It's Not Okay communication toolkit for Safer Internet Day on 6 February and national CSE Awareness Day on 18 March. Visit for more information.


Item added: 31/01/2018

Hate Crime Awareness Week 5-12 February 2018 

Greater Manchester Hate Crime Awareness Week takes place from 5 February - 12 February 2018.  

There is a general Greater Manchester theme of "No Bystanders" which also promotes the #westandtogether campaign. This encourages people to challenge hate incidents witnessed and support victims. Don't be a bystander to hatred and prejudice - that's the call to Greater Manchester people ahead of Hate Crime Awareness Week. Every person across the city-region is urged to sign up to the Greater Manchester Promise to never stand by if they see someone being abused or attacked because of who they are. 

Sign the promise and help end hate crime by visiting to stand up against hate crime and show that #WeStandTogether 

Throughout the week there will be activities and events across Salford and Greater Manchester to encourage people to learn more about hate crime and how to tackle it.  Hate crimes are acts of hostility, such as violence or verbal abuse, directed at someone because of who they are. It's things like someone being spat at because they are black, or being called names because they are a Muslim and wear a headscarf, or being beaten up for being gay.

Reporting hate crime is easy - you can do it online at True Vision, call the police on 101 or, if you don't want to speak to police, report it at one of dozens of independent reporting centres across Greater Manchester.

Item added: 29/01/2018

Family Assessment Poster and Leaflet

As of 1st April 2017 the Family Assessment replaced the CAF as the early help assessment tool used across Salford. In addition, Team around the Children (TAC) meetings are now referred to as Team around the Family (TAF) meetings. The CAF team have created a leaflet and a poster to explain the Family Assessment and TAF processes to practitioners and families.

The poster can be printed out and displayed in your setting. The leaflet is designed for both practitioners and parents and includes links to the most commonly used forms and websites. The printable leaflet can also be printed or e-mailed to parents/carers for them to access at home.

There are also a range of supporting tools available to support you with the family assessment

If you or your colleagues would like to access Family Assessment training please book on via

Item added: 29/01/2018

Our People, Our Place

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) launched 'Our People, Our Place' the new Greater Manchester Strategy on Friday 27th October 2017. The Strategy sets out 10 clear priorities for delivering this goal, including:

Find out more at

Working Together 2018 Consultation

The Department for Education invites your views on changes to the statutory guidance 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' and new regulations. These revisions are being made largely to reflect the legislative changes introduced through the Children and Social Work Act 2017. We are encouraging all SSCB Board Members to respond as well as on behalf of your organisations. To contribute your views please complete the online survey wherever possible. Visit to submit your response. The consultation on the proposals closes on Sunday 31st December 2017.

We are also coordinating a response on behalf of the Salford Safeguarding Children Board. A word version of the questions is available to download below - please submit any comments to by 17th November 2017 to enable us to coordinate a response ahead of the consultation deadline. Please note you only need to comment on any questions you wish too.

If you have any queries on the consultation please do not hesitate to contact Tiffany Slack, SSCB Business Manager.

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