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Salford under the Spotlight!

Spotlight is a method developed by Partners IN Salford to help public services and communities in Salford to deliver together on key issues for the city's people, families and communities - issues like crime, unemployment and low skills that can leave people and places locked into a cycle of disadvantage and low aspiration which impact in many ways and often exist over generations.

Where have we carried out Spotlight reviews?

Pilot area Issue
Charlestown and Lower Kersal Young people not in education, employment or training (NEET)
Orsdall and Langworthy Safe, clean and green
East Salford  Worklessness 
Little Hulton Lone parents
Winton and Eccles Young people and alcohol
Cadishead Health weight and primary school children
Citywide Low adult skills
Citywide Welfare rights and debt advice (additional documents: customer journeys and review of other practice)

Why do we need Spotlight?

Salford is changing rapidly and the city's future looks bright. We are quite clear that regeneration is not all about buildings. We are determined to bring about a similar transformation in the prospects of our people. We need a new way of tackling the city's issues together and as a matter of urgency.

Funding a few 'extra' projects will not deliver the scale of transformation we need. Spotlight has been designed as a new mainstream approach to community regeneration - to enable us to get the full team (services and communities) behind the job. We have every belief that it can make a huge difference.

How does it work?

Spotlight is a high tempo analytical model inspired by work with central Government. It comprises six elements:

1. Planning: identifying the business case, delivery team, methods for review and key stakeholders
2. The Issue: cause and effect analysis based on families, individuals and place
3. The Response: delivery chain analysis regarding systems, structures and incentives
4. Delivery Agreements: initial proposals for change and commitment to change - endorsed by a high level panel
5. Delivery: quick wins, medium and long term reform
6. Stock takes: regular high level checks on delivery

Elements 1-4 are usually undertaken over a six to eight week period, this is an intensive exercise requiring commitment from a range of partners. Throughout the process there are expected to be 'quick wins' supporting the local ideas. We have developed a Spotlight toolkit to help you deliver this type of whole systems approach to tackling difficult issues.

Who needs to be involved?

This is a whole systems approach. Stakeholders from across the partnership need to be involved in the process. This includes strategic managers, delivery partners, employers, political representatives, management and the community itself. Community engagement is vital for the spotlight to succeed and often provides a test that the review is highlighting their needs.

Delivery chain analysis and driving commissioning capacity

The concept of commissioning lies at the heart of Spotlight. Much of the focus of delivery is on the development of our capacity to commission, or shape a system that works cohesively to deliver better outcomes for people in Salford.

To help us understand why we deliver and commission activities, Spotlight adopts a delivery chain analysis approach based on the  agreed by the Partnership in March 2009.

Spotlight encourages stakeholders to think about what is on offer in the 'whole system' including universal services, locality provision and 'wrap around' delivery. How do the different bits in the system work together and do they make sense to the people who use them?

Spotlight's key strengths

Through spotlight we are able to create a space for critical and strategic thinking, provide an evidence base for further work and to support delivery against existing commitments, establish foundations for commissioning the third sector, highlight organisational development issues and promote partnership development both citywide and local.

This page was last updated on 30 January 2014

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