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Salford Compact

The Compact on relations between the statutory and the third sectors in Salford was agreed between Salford CVS, Salford City Council and Salford PCT (NHS) in 2006 (revised 2007) and is still in operation now in early 2014, with commitment from all partners to ensure it is referenced and adhered to, as appropriate.

The Salford Compact underpins the relationship between these sectors and covers the whole spectrum of partnership working: from consultation and community involvement, through representation on planning bodies and participation in networks, to funding, procurement and contracting.

The document concerns issues of process rather than substance; ie, the way plans are made and decisions taken - rather than the content of those plans and decisions.

It includes a number of shared visions and principles and is underpinned by four Codes of Practice:
• Community Involvement, Partnerships and Networks
• Funding and Procurement
• Social Inclusion
• Volunteering

The Compact and its associated Codes of Practice are still a useful resource for third sector organisations in Salford and are definitely worth a read!

More information, including how to sign up to the Salford Compact can be found on the Salford CVS website.


This page was last updated on 4 February 2014

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