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Partnership Forum

The Partnership Forum is the overarching component of the partnership and is made up of representatives from a range of partner organisations and communities within Salford. It offers an opportunity to directly engage with the City Mayor and colleagues and to contribute to setting the priorities for the city.

Role of the Forum

The Forum provides:
• Widespread and meaningful input to help shape the city, its vision and priorities
• Clarity, understanding, agreement and a sounding board for progress
• Opportunity to consider major issues, joint learning, joint development / co-production and co-operation on solutions

Throughout the year the Partnership Forum will:
• Review the partnership's priorities
• Comment on performance
• Provide information on local issues
• Participate in consultation and surveys helping to maintain strategic community engagement

Members of the Forum are invited to attend the annual Partnership Conference and received the twice yearly e-Bulletin.

Membership of the Partnership Forum

Membership is by organisation or other body (eg, group, partnership, etc) and includes all those partners within the City Partner Group plus, but not restricted, to:
• Mayoral Team and other elected members
• All eight Community Committees
• Communities of Identity
• Faith organisations
• Social Enterprises / mutuals / co-operatives
• Other forums and collective bodies
• Individual organisations from the private and third sectors that provide a service or insight

Throughout all our dealings we will abide by the international principles of co-operation:
• Self-help - helping people to help themselves, and each other
• Self-responsibility - people taking responsibility and accounting for their actions
• Democracy - people having a fair say in how things are run
• Equality - every person having equal rights and benefits, according to their contribution
• Equity - people being treated and things being run both justly and fairly
• Solidarity - supporting each other towards our common goals

Partners are expected to:
• Have collective understanding of the purpose of the partnership
• Perform effectively within clearly defined functions and roles
• Establish and promote the values of the partnership
• Take informed, transparent decisions and manage risk
• Develop skills, knowledge and experience in order to govern effectively
• Engage all partners equally and make accountability real

Members are encouraged to adhere to:
• Salford Compact - how public and voluntary agencies will work together
• Salford Community Engagement and Empowerment Policy
• Principles for effective partnerships
• Joint strategic commissioning framework
• Partnership branding and logo guidelines 

Over 150 partner organisations are members of the Partnership Forum. If your organisation would like to join please contact Jon Stephenson, Partnership Manager on 0161 793 2929.

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