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Review of our strategic partnership


On 3 October 2013, the City Mayor announced the new Salford City Partnership to a packed audience attending the Partnership Conference at Eccles Town Hall and at the first City Partner Group meeting on 22 January 2014, the Partnership Protocol was agreed. 

If you have any further comments please do not hesitate to send them in - we want Salford City Partnership to be flexible and evolve with changing needs - so any suggestions on how we can improve things are welcome.

If you want to know more or have any comments, please contact Jon Stephenson ( on 0161 793 2929.

Over the past few months we have been reviewing our current strategic partnership, Partners IN Salford. There have been many recent changes in Salford and there are more to come. We have been doing this review because we want to make sure our strategic approach and engagement is the best for Salford.

Our newly elected City Mayor is currently consulting with residents and businesses across the city on "Connecting Salford: Whose city vision is it?" in which he proposes to develop a family of partnerships, led by a central City Partnership that is driven by energetic and engaged communities of motivated citizens, linked into neighbourhood representatives and guided by a co-operative approach.

Results from Phase 1: Agreeing the purpose of a strategic partnership

survey was shared with partners, colleagues and interested parties across Salford between 15 October and 2 November 2012.

47 responses were received during this first three week period of the review. Plus a meeting was held with the City Mayor and Deputy City Mayor to gather their input.

Contributions were gained from every target group including all the Thematic Partnerships, Mayoral Team, current members of the Partnership Executive, Forum and Place Board, Community Committees, Communities of Identity, Third Sector, Private Sector plus Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) / Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

The questions asked during this first phase were:

1. What benefits would you want a strategic partnership to bring?

a. To the residents of Salford?

b. To your organisation, partnership or the people that you serve?

2. What do you think a strategic partnership should do to achieve these benefits?

3. Do you have any views on how the strategic partnership should be structured?

Seven roles and functions were suggested:

• Joined up approach and be representative
• Own a vision, plan and strategy
• Tackle issues and have priorities
• Clear leadership and accountability
• Oversee performance
• Include commissioning and resourcing
• Ensure all are engaged and communicated with

The wordle is useful in that it highlights those functions which were most commonly suggested, these being representative, vision, priorities - though some do have to be grouped, eg bringing together and working together.

In section 4 of the report, the graphs show the relevant importance of the different functions to the different response groups.

Phase 2: Looking at the mechanisms that work or that we need

Between 13 November and 11 December 2012, 18 presentations and meetings were held with various boards and representatives from the thematic partnerships, private sector, third sector and community sector. They were asked, in relation to the seven functions identified during Phase 1, what their views are on partnership working mechanisms, in particular:

• What works well?
• What are the gaps?
• How can we make our partnership stronger?

The results show we have some excellent partnership working within Salford but there are areas that need improvement and many suggestions were provided.

Phase 3: Possible options for development

A reportpresentation (and notes) were taken to the Partnership Executive on 18 December 2012 outlining the results so far and presenting three options for discussion:

  1. No change - keep the current arrangements
  2. An existing partnerships takes the strategic lead for the city
  3. Develop a new strategic 'City Partnership' with specific roles and responsibilities

Option 3 was agreed to be taken forward. We will now look at the various models to deliver the following principles for a 'City Partnership':

• Build on the good practice that already exists in Salford
• Help the City Mayor carry out his duties

• Provide a space for partners to come together to discus the important issues that affect the whole of the city
• Focus on a shared vision and priorities
• Help ensure there is better coordination and reduced fragmentation
• Bring about reduced duplication and therefore costs
• Improve community engagement and involvement
• Result in actions that are measured against agreed outcomes
• Provide a platform for better private sector involvement
• Provide clear links with Greater Manchester and beyond

Proposal for new arrangements

A a proposal for the new City Partnership was circulated across the city for comment comments on:

Question 1: What do you think of the suggested model and how can it be improved?

Question 2: Is your organisation or body interested in becoming a member of the new City Partnership?

The model was updated following feedback and presented to the Partnership Executive on 18 March where it was adopted.


A draft protocol was shared with partners at the Partnership Conference on 3 October 2013. This Partnership protocol was finalised and agreed at the City Partner Group's first meeting on 22 January 2014.

To comment on any of this work or to make suggestion on how we should progress please contact or call Jon on 0161 793 2929.

This work was steered by a group led by Councillor Lisa Stone (Assistant Mayor, Communication and Engagement).

Downloadable documents

Phase 1: Purpose

Phase 2: Mechanisms

Phase 3: Options

Partnership Protocol

These documents can be provided in large print, audio, electronic and Braille formats as well as in different languages. Please contact Jon Stephenson, telephone number 0161 793 2929.

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