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Partnership Conference 2013

A global city with a healthy future

The City Mayor used this event to set out a bold new vision for the city and launch the city plan.

Salford is changing - dramatically and positively into a modern global city. Billions of pounds have been invested in improving our environment, building new homes, improving education and health facilities, and in encouraging new business and shops. We see this in exciting major developments and in revitalised parks, waterways and green spaces. But above all, people have always been and always will be the city's strongest asset.

On the afternoon of Thursday 3 October, Eccles Town Hall was packed with representatives from across the public, private and third sectors, coming together to help shape the future for our great city; sharing their views on what will keep the city on track.

As part of this, we looked specifically at our plans for improving health and wellbeing to make sure they will really make a difference. 





 Item  Presenter

 Opening remarks

 Salford City Partnership protocol

 Ian Stewart, City Mayor

 City Plan 2013 - 2016

 City Plan priorities

 Councillor Paula Boshell
 Co-operative Commission  Chris Dabbs
 Introduction to Health and Wellbeing  Councillor Margaret Morris
 Health and Wellbeing Board  Dr Clive Boyce

 Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy


 Alison Page
 Health and Wellbeing Pledges  Sue Lightup

Partnership Priorities 2014 - 2016

Councillor Lisa Stone led an interactive exercise looking at which priority objectives within the City Plan delegates thought should be tackled first. The response will be used to inform the City Partner Group when it meets in January to identify Partnership Priorities.

Questions and Answers

We received 60 questions during the event, asked directly to speakers, posted onto the Question Wall, sent in advance along with the booking form or as part of the event evaluation.

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