Salford City Partnership


Partnership board meeting, 23 October 2009

Meeting details

9.30am-12 noon

Innovation Forum, Frederick Road, Broughton, Salford


(Agenda as a word document)

No.     Item Presenter 
1 Welcome and introductions Professor Eileen Fairhurst
2 Effects of the recession on Salford     Martin Vickers 

i) Facts and figures: what are the key strands?

 (partners priority plan report and recession task group presentation)

Rob Pickering 
  ii) What does it feel like to live in Salford (group exercise) Susan Ford 
3 What are we doing about the situation?     Martin Vickers                     
i) Working neighbourhoods teams Chris Marsh

ii) Future jobs fund

(worklessness presentation)

Mat Ainsworth
Question and answer session Susan Ford

Beyond the recession - how can we do things better in context of the public spending review? 


Martin Vickers and Alan Tomlinson
5 What's the partnership's approach to collaboration? (workshop) Susan Ford
6 Closing remarks     Professor Eileen Fairhurst
7 The next board meeting: Thursday 3 December 2009, 2pm-5pm, Salford Innovation Forum

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