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NEET in Salford

NEET is a measurement of young people who are not participating in learning or employment and stands for "Not in Education, Employment or Training". From April 2011 NEET performance nationally is now published based on residents in a local authority area aged 16-18. From April 2012 the emphasis will be on performance reporting by academic age (in preparation for Raising the Participation Age) and this will therefore encompass 19 year olds in NEET, unknown and in learning.

All data for NEET (and Raising the Participation Age ) reporting is collected and processed by the Connexions Service through the Connexions Client Caseload Information System on behalf of the local authority. Data is based on face to face work with young people and information exchange with a wide variety of partners and opportunity providers.

NEET reporting:


City Perspective

Salford has seen a significant reduction in the number of 16-18 year olds recorded as not being in education, employment or training over recent years. NEET percentages for the city have compared favourably with other local, regional and national rates (June 2011: Greater Manchester = 7.8%, North West = 7.5% & National = 6.1%). Salford's NEET percentage (based on residency) was 7.8% for June 2011, which is a 2.6% improvement on the previous year. Performance in comparison with our statistical neighbours is also very good. Other authorities, who do not have the same level of deprivation, are not performing as well as Salford. Nationally and sub-regionally there has been a significant increase in the number of young people whose activity status is unknown - a direct effect of the impact in reductions of frontline workers in Connexions/youth support services.

Focus from the current Coalition Government is on Raising the Participation Age in learning which will lead to an even greater focus on those young people pre and post 16 who need more support to participate.

What has contributed to the reduction in NEET in Salford?

Included within the count of 440 NEET 16-18 year olds in Salford in June 2011, there are 128 young people who are not actively seeking a learning opportunity and are therefore unavailable to the labour market.

The ward data shows a higher incidence of NEET in some areas of the city and there is a correlation between high NEET and concentrations of NEET unavailable in some areas (more detail is in the individual neighbourhood profiles).

Key issues for the city

Future progress in preventing/reducing NEET

The list of points below represents some of the risks and opportunities relevant to maintaining good performance in Salford.

Recommendations for future action and commissioning

If you have any comments on the neighbourhood profiles and would like to tell us what you think, please use our feedback page.

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