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Learning for Life

We held an Open Space Conference with year 9 pupils at Ellesmere Park High School on 2 February 2018 as part of our Learning for Life work. For further information please contact

Each year the UK Youth Parliament holds a UK wide ballot called 'Make Your Mark' which allows young people to vote on what they think Members of the Youth Parliament should campaign on for the year ahead. Thousands of young people in Salford voted and agreed that 'Curriculum for Life' was their top priority. This was defined nationally as:
"A curriculum to prepare us for life: Schools should cover topics including finance, sex and relationships and politics in the curriculum"

The Children and Young People's Trust held a development session back in November 2016 which was attended by a wide range of partners including members of Salford Youth Council. At this session we identified 'Curriculum for Life' as one of our priority areas for 2017.

A Steering Group was set up and at the meetings we talked about influencers and agreed that it is not just the responsibility of schools to equip young people with these skills and that peers, parents, communities and social and mainstream media all play a part. We agreed that locally we would change the name of this priority to 'Learning for Life' to reflect this.

Members of Salford Youth Council are now working with third sector and statutory organisations to make this a reality. Watch the short video below captured at the Steering Group back in February 2017 to find out more about what 'Learning for Life' is and how this work is progressing in Salford.


For further information please contact

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