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Census 2011

On 16 July 2012, the Office for National Statistics published the first release of 2011 Census data for local authority districts.  The data comprised just population estimates by five year age group and sex, and counts of occupied households and short term migrants (persons from overseas who intended to stay in the UK between 3 and 12 months) at local authority district level. 

The 2011 Census population total for the City of Salford is 233,900 persons.  This figure is very close to the expected population total of 233,300 (the ONS 2010 based sub-national population projection for the year 2011, published March 2012).  However, the 2011 Census population age profile for Salford differs markedly from the expected age profile - the Census counted significantly fewer people aged 20-29 and over 75, and counted more in all other age groups. 

From November 2012, ONS will commence the phased release of more detailed 2011 Census statistics for areas smaller than local authority districts.  This will mean there will be further information available in 2013.  Until such time, the current profiles will continue to present the most current information about Salford's neighbourhood populations.

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