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Health and Wellbeing in Salford

This page contains links to information about health and wellbeing in each area: 

There are tables, charts and maps covering health and wellbeing in Salford.

Further information

Information which benchmarks Salford against England can also be found on a number of health profiles produced by Public Health Observatories. Links to the city-wide Salford Health profile and the Child Health profile are provided below. There are also other topic specific profiles. These profiles are useful to consider in conjunction with the Integrated Neighbourhood Profiles to provide further city level information with comparison to England. They are updated annually and represent a particular point in time. The local Integrated Profiles aim to provide information over time (trend data), where possible.

If you have any comments on the neighbourhood profiles and would like to tell us what you think, please use our feedback page.

This page was last updated on 29 October 2012

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