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There is a lot already happening to make sure Salford benefits from opportunities available through Greater Manchester and beyond.

Salford City Partnership helps bring together issues that are a concern for the city but need a bigger perspective (for example, transport, environment and climate change). The Partnership assists those representatives on the various Greater Manchester bodies by providing a 'whole city voice'.

Some members of the Partnership represent the Greater Manchester region and beyond by nature of their organisation. For example, many businesses and voluntary sector organisations operate across the region or are national bodies. They bring a broader point of view to the discussions.

Salford City Partnership does not replace or duplicate existing activities and relationships but it provides some 'glue' to help coordinate and make the most of them.

Information on how we are linked into the different bodies can be found on the various thematic partnership and safeguarding board pages. These include:

• Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)
• Greater Manchester Health and Wellbeing Board
• Office of the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner
• Greater Manchester Housing Investment Board
• Greater Manchester Skills and Employment Partnership
• Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership
• Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership

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