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Family Poverty

Better off in Salford - ending family poverty and improving life chances

Ending family poverty and improving the life chances of residents is a top priority for the council and its partners. Arguably more than any other priority in the city, ending family poverty requires a targeted, effective and joined up response at all levels and by all partners.

The publication of the Salford position statement, 'Ending child poverty in Salford', in June 2010 set out the strong foundations for this work and launched collaborative work to develop a new joint strategy.

The rationale for partnership action to tackle family poverty and improve life chances is clear. Poverty negatively affects the lives of children, families and communities. Children who grow up in poverty often do not enjoy the same range of experiences as other children. This can result in poorer life chances in childhood and adult life. Although some children will achieve their full potential in spite of growing up in poverty, many will not. 

Salford's strategy to end family poverty provides a new framework through which we can all work together to improve life chances. It sets out how we will build on what we know works, as well as being innovative in the way we join up investment, services and community effort.

This page was last updated on 22 November 2011

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