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Family of Partnerships and Safeguarding Boards

Each thematic partnership and safeguarding board has its own agreements, action plans, strategies and membership appropriate to the issues that it concerns. There is also an officer within Salford City Council that works to support the work of the boards and sub-groups.

Thematic Partnerships

There are six Thematic Partnerships grouped into (although they are all related to each other):

Those concerning 'People':
• Children and Young People's Trust (statutory)
• Health and Wellbeing Board (statutory)

Those concerning 'Place':
• Community Safety Partnership (statutory)
• Strategic Housing Partnership (local partnership)

Those concerning 'Prosperity':
• Skills and Work Board (local partnership)
• Economic Development Partnership (local partnership being considered) 

The number of partnerships within the 'family' will increase or decrease depending on statutory requirements and local need.

Safeguarding Boards

We have two Safeguarding Boards:

• Salford Safeguarding Children Board (statutory)
• Salford Adult Safeguarding Board (to become statutory in 2015)

These hold a unique position in that they sit outside the family of partnerships and third sectors as they have a legal duty to hold all the other agencies to account for safeguarding vulnerable adults and children matters as appropriate.


There are just over 50 standing sub-groups reporting to the thematic partnerships and safeguarding boards with 13 of them supporting statutory functions.

Over 500 representatives from partner agencies are members of the boards and sub-groups ensuring there is widespread information sharing and joint responsibility.

Although the number of these groups has reduced over the past year, they are constantly being reviewed to make further efficiencies such as ending task and finish groups and joining similar groups together to reduce duplication.

This page was last updated on 6 June 2014

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