Salford City Partnership


Special partnership executive, 17 August 2007

Action log

Action log, 17 August 2007

Minutes, 17 August 2007

Meeting details

9am - 11am

Committee room 2, Salford Civic Centre


Agenda in word format

1. Welcome, Introductions and Apologies, minutes and action log of previous meeting ( 9.00AM, Cllr Merry)

2. Salford Agreement (9.05am - Review of Draft Delivery Plan (Kevin Brady and Lead Officers for the five Objectives and Cross Cutting issues)

a. Covering Report

b. Draft Delivery Plan

c. For info- Objective 1 draft plan

d. For info- Objective 4 draft plan

3. Proposed Whole Systems event  (Sheila Murtagh 10.45am)

4. Any Other Business (10.55am)

5. Date of Next Meeting: 11th September 2007,   2.00pm - 4.00pm, Committee Room 1, Civic Centre.

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