Salford City Partnership


Partnership executive, 11 September 2007

Action Log

Action log, 11 September 2007


Minutes, 11 September 2007

Meeting details

2pm - 4pm

Committee room 1, Salford Civic Centre


Agenda as a word document

1Welcome, introductions and apologiesProf Fairhurst 

Minutes and action logs from previous meetings

- 22 June executive minutes and action log

- 17 August special executive regarding the Salford Agreement minutes and action log

Prof Fairhurst 
3The Salford Agreement 2007 - 2010: updateKevin Brady 
4Connecting People: the value of joint commissioningChris Marsh 
5Mediacity:uk public sector supportChris Marsh 
6LPSA 2 - performance and approach to dissemination of reward moniesAlan Tomlinson 
7Community empowerment - progress reportSheila Murtagh 

Thematic partnership review presentation and discussion

City that's good to live in - environment

Wayne Priestley 
9Peer review - verbal updateSheila Murtagh 
10Sustainable community strategy guidance - verbal updateSheila Murtagh 

Strategic partnership communications

- Feedback on August e-Bulletin

- Potential items for October bulletin

12Any other business  

Date of next meeting: 22 October, 2pm - 4pm

Committee Room 2, Civic Centre


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