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Community cohesion

Community cohesion is what must happen in all communities to enable different groups of people to get on well together.

A key contributor to community cohesion is integration which is needed to enable new and existing residents to adjust to one another.

An integrated and cohesive community is based on three foundations:

As well as three ways of living together:

In simple terms when we talk about community cohesion in Salford, we mean feeling comfortable and positive about living and working alongside our neighbours.

Promoting community cohesion is a central part of fulfilling our vision and making Salford a welcoming city that celebrates and values diversity. However, changes in communities create new challenges for the partnership which must now (as part of our commitment to all four cross-cutting principles) find new and flexible ways to ensure that we understand our communities, can meet their diverse needs and promote tolerance and trust amongst individuals and groups.

Our approach to promoting community cohesion has strong links to our work to narrow the inequalities gap, promote engagement and empowerment and to value equality and diversity.

Our Community Cohesion Strategy sets out how we are going to achieve cohesive communities in Salford around nine headlines:

The Community Cohesion Strategy has been developed by the partnership based on a 'whole community approach' which supports the existing cohesion work in neighbourhoods.

This page was last updated on 17 February 2014

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