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Local Community and the Third Sector

There are over 1360 local voluntary and community groups in Salford. Ensuring these inform and direct the future of our city lies at the heart of Salford City Partnership. Representatives from the community and the third sector are members of the City Partner Group; and to ensure we have wide-ranging involvement they account for over half of the members of the Partnership Forum.

Who represents the community and the third sector?

We recognise the following partners and groups as representing the community and the third sector within Salford:

• Councillors
• Community Committees
• Salford Community and Voluntary Services (CVS)
• Community and Voluntary bodies such as residents associations and not for profit and non-governmental organisations including trusts, charities and community of identity forums
• Faith organisations
• Social Enterprises, mutuals and co-operatives

How do we engage with the community and the third sector?

Salford has a longstanding and excellent reputation for community engagement and empowerment.

We have developed a Community Engagement and Empowerment Policy that partners agree to adopt when they become members of the Partnership. There is also a handy toolkit to help ensure the best engagement and empowerment is undertaken.

Through membership of the Partnership Forum, both the community and the third sector:
• Review the partnership's priorities
• Comment on performance
• Provide information on local issues
• Participate in consultation and surveys

All partners are also invited to attend the annual Partnership Conference and received the twice yearly e-Bulletin.

To find out more about how your organisation can become a member of the Partnership please contact Jon Stephenson, Partnership Manager, on 0161 793 2929.

This page was last updated on 4 February 2014

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