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Community Priorities

In January the eight Community Committees agreed the community priorities for their area for the next financial year. These were shared with partners to assist with business planning.

Community priorities reflect how local people want services to help them to improve their lives, rather than a comprehensive assessment of their needs and aspirations.

Each community committee has developed its priorities on:

2014-15 community priorities:

These documents are the tools used by Community Committees and Neighbourhood Partnership Boards to agree how local residents can be engaged in the delivery, to identify and remedy any gaps and to form the basis for monitoring. The delivery of the community priorities will be the responsibility of those agencies who accept the lead for each action and progress will be regularly reported to the Community Committee and Neighbourhood Partnership Board.


For further information

Please contact David Seager, Assistant Director, Environment and Community Safety on 0161 925 1115.

This page was last updated on 9 June 2014

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