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Community engagement in Salford

The Community Engagement and Empowerment Policy was adopted by the Partnership Forum in January 2011. It will help to encourage discussion, new ideas and a sense of partnership between the agencies, organisations, and the people and communities of Salford.  

The toolkit will offer you practical advice on how to do deliver good community engagement and empowerment.

Our Aims

By improving the quality of community engagement and empowerment we will support Salford's key objectives:

Why is community engagement essential?

Community engagement is essential for all partner organisations and the community in order to contribute to:

  1. Empowering local citizens to have control over their lives
  2. Reducing inequalities and closing the gap between the most and least deprived areas of  the city
  3. Ensuring that services genuinely meet the needs of service users and that available resources are used both efficiently and along agreed priorities
  4. Fulfilling our commitment to local democracy
  5. Meeting statutory duties including those laid down by central Government such as the community cohesion agenda

This page was last updated on 31 January 2014

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