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Climate Change

There is compelling scientific evidence that human activity is playing a major part in climate change - we must act now to stop the situation getting worse.

As part of the Partnership, Salford City Council recognises that climate change is now accepted as a reality which we need to address urgently.The changes we make as an organisation will free up extra money that can be used to improve council services and, in the long run, we will be helping to make Salford a greener and healthier place to live. 

Salford City Council's commitment so far:

The Climate Change Strategy deals with:

The key areas of focus are:

The strategy covers the council as a business unit, managing our own estate, as a regulator and policy maker and as a community leader, working with communities and partners. 

Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy
Salford City Council were heavily involved in the development of the Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy which was launched in July 2011, setting out how it will build a greener, more sustainable region.
The strategy sets out Greater Manchester's plan to build a low carbon economy by 2020, reducing carbon emissions by 48% and reacting to the changing climate while creating future jobs and new industries in the 'green' sector. The document builds upon the Salford Climate Change Strategy and other Greater Manchester local authorities and provides an effective, integrated approach to tackling climate change. The plan outlines four headline visions for Greater Manchester by 2020:

Salford's Carbon Management Plan
The council's Carbon Management Plan outlines the city council's commitment to an aspirational 40% reduction in CO2 over five years. identifies the best opportunities to reduce CO2 most effectively. It represents a programme of physical projects and a programme of behavioural change that will challenge every member of staff to reducing our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Salford City Council has been ranked 88th out of 2,103 businesses and organisations in the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme performance league table.

When compared against all other 193 UK local authorities participating in the scheme Salford is ranked joint third and is therefore top of the AGMA authorities in Greater Manchester.

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is the mandatory UK Government carbon trading scheme, under which all participating organisations need to monitor, report and reduce their annual carbon emissions, and pay a fee of £12 for each tonne of carbon emitted. For Salford City Council this applies to all emissions from their non domestic buildings such as offices, libraries, leisure centres and schools. 

Please contact Mike Hemingway for further information on 0161 793 3209.


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