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City Plan

On Thursday 3 October 2013, City Mayor Ian Stewart set out a bold new vision for the future of Salford as he launched the City Plan.

This replaces the Sustainable Community Strategy and will guide the city's plans and priorities over the next three years, as part of a radical shake-up of the council's services and priorities.

The City Plan has four themes:
• A growing city
• A caring city
• An innovative city
• A co-operative city

The City Mayor pledged, "My task over the next three years is to help create jobs, protect the most vulnerable, provide good public services even in these bad times and retain our co-operative ethos and community spirit. The City Plan can be our route map through these tough times."

Salford City Partnership will work towards supporting the City Plan and have agreed a set of Partnership Priorities in order to do this.

This page was last updated on 4 February 2014

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