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Partnership branding guidelines and use of the logo

City brand

To improve the image of Salford, Salford City Council and partners created a strategic approach to branding and marketing the city.

The goal is to raise awareness and improve perceptions of the city from people within and outside Salford.

The aim is to use the city's attributes to position Salford as an ideal city for business relocation and growth, a residential area of choice and a key part of the Greater Manchester and Northwest tourism offering.

To achieve this we are emphasising the values and attributes of the Salford brand and we have a visual identity for the city that all partners can use so we can work together to improve the city's image.

Using the Salford City Partnership logo

Our logo is the partnership's identity mark and is available in two versions, magenta and black. 

Guidelines exist to ensure that the logo is used correctly. These cover:
• The use of colour
• Clear area around the logo
• Logo placement
• Incorrect usage

If you want to use the partnership logo for any purpose, you will need to contact the Partnership Manager, Jon Stephenson on 0161 793 2929.

Please note, the images included above are low resolution for computer screens. They are not good enough quality to be used in print.

Downloadable documents

This page was last updated on 4 February 2014

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