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Key definitions

These definitions are taken from the Care Act and the Department of Health

Adult At Risk

previously known as a vulnerable adult.

An adult at risk is an adult who has needs for care and support that impact adversely on their ability to protect themselves. This could be due to a learning disability, a mental health issue or a physical infirmity.

If it is unclear whether the adult meets the definition of "adult at risk" when a concern is reported, then it should be assumed the adult is at risk until such time it is clear they do not meet the criteria  

Safeguarding Concern

previously known as an Alert

A sign of suspected abuse or neglect that is reported to Adult Social Care or identified by Adult Social Care.

Safeguarding concerns can include cases of sexual exploitation, modern slavery, domestic abuse and self-neglect.

Safeguarding Enquiries

previously known as a Referral/Enquiry

The action taken or instigated by Adult Social Care in response to a safeguarding concern.  An enquiry could range from a conversation with the adult to a more formal multi-agency plan or course of action. Safeguarding enquiries can include cases of sexual exploitation, modern slavery, domestic abuse and self-neglect.  

There are two types of safeguarding enquiry:

Safeguarding Chair (SC)

The SC is the manager or advanced practitioner who manages the overall safeguarding process. They provide advice/support to frontline staff in terms of decision making in relation to what action to take in relation to a concern. The role also includes the chairing of all formal safeguarding meetings  

This page was last updated on 31 August 2016

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