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Adult safeguarding - introduction

In recent years there has been lots of media attention on abuse and neglect of adults at risk in various establishments across the country, such as Winterbourne View. At one level this amount of reporting has had its positive effect, in that far more people are now aware of the possibility that adults at risk can be abused or neglected.

I would like to ask you to put yourself in the position of a vulnerable person who is being abused or neglected.

What does it feels like to be dependent on somebody for your care and for that person to treat you in a way that neither respects you nor maintains your dignity and even hurts you?

How powerless you must feel.

On top of everything else, you now have to deal with this person's behaviour or make a decision to put up with it.

Nobody should ever be in that position and certainly not in Salford.

Salford has a very good reputation of working together to protect people in our area - all the agencies in Salford share this as a common purpose. To this end the Adult Safeguarding Board in Salford has been working on revising and updating the Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures. It is this policy and procedure that will guide and shape how we move forward with our common purpose of safeguarding vulnerable people in Salford.

As the Independent Chair of the Board, I am very proud to introduce this new policy and procedure to and would like to thank everybody that has been involved in developing them.

Steve Pugh
Independent Chair
Salford Adult Safeguarding Board
Director of Social Work, University of Salford

This page was last updated on 25 July 2016

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